Gator Sign Corporation

Okay, I need a sign. Now what... ?

What do you need to know about the sign, photo or artwork I need?
     Let us know if it will be displayed indoor or outdoor, approximately how large it should be (a guess is just fine), and what material you would like it to be crafted from (i.e., banner, aluminum, PVC, etc.). If you're not sure, tell us how you plan to use it and we'll happily make recommendations.
I think I need a banner, but they don't last very long, do they?
     Our banners are typically constructed of strong 13 oz vinyl canvas. While not guaranteed, we expect their service life to well exceed a year or more. In fact, hundreds of our banners are used on buildings and along major roads to promote new housing developments, car dealerships, restaurants and new businesses. Customers frequently mount them to simple 2X4 frames, subject to summer storms, winds and sun, yet the banner still survives several months, often several years.
Why don't you recommend plywood for signs?
     For years, wood or plywood was the material of choice for construction signs, building signs and inexpensive free-standing signs on posts. That's changed. Unless wood is maintained by resealing or repainting at least every other year, it absorbs moisture and begins to rot. Many of the newer products available to us completely avoid that problem. White Sheet PVC, impervious to water and very resistant to sun damage and impact, is one material we frequently recommend. Available in thicknesses from 1/16" up to half-inch, PVC is quite strong and not easily damaged. It's also available in several colors, (though we don't recommend them for outdoor use, since they tend to fade). and can easily be cut to custom shapes. Another recommended material is corrugated aluminum, another weather-resistant substrate. It's also available in colors, but unlike PVC in colors, they're UV-stable, which means it takes a long time before noticable fading occurs.Alumicore is highly recommended for indoor or outdoor use.
I'd really like to design my own logo, maybe even the whole sign. What kind of design program should I use?
     There are several fine programs available, well-suited for design work. CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator are two of the better ones. Both are vector-based, allowing us to scale them up or down in size without loss of quality. (Just be sure to convert all your text to outlines before sending to us, and avoid bitmaps). Generally, don't use "paint" programs, since these rely on dots rather than lines, unless we are printing a poster or display on one of our large format printers. Call us and we'll gladly discuss some guidelines you should use to create your artwork. Usually you'll find that allowing us to design your signs, using your suggestions and ideas, will yield a better result, and a whole lot less hassle. After all, we've been doing this for 23 years.
I need this sign right away (I told the boss it was already taken care of), but my usual sign company tells me it will be two weeks at the earliest. Now what do I do?
     First, don't panic. Take three deep breaths, count to ten, then call us. Most of the time, we're able to meet your deadline, even if it's tomorrow. In some cases, we may need to add "rush charges", but not always. Just call us and tell us what you need. We can usually "bail you out". If we can't, at least we're a shoulder to cry on.

"The difficult we do immediately... The impossible takes just a tad longer."
You got questions? We got answers! Call or e-mail us for a prompt reply. After 23 years of creating great signs (well, at least most of the time), we need a little challenge now and then.